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    Back in the ‘80’s I had a part-time job working in an all male gay cinema downtown. I usually worked the late shifts until 7 am. I was very horny and always got off on shocking and playing with older men. During the summer months I would usually work wearing T-shirt a pair of shorts and a skin-tight jockstrap. I would usually have the most fun when the bars would close and guys ended up at the cock shop, as I called it, looking for some action.

    I would eventually take my shorts off so that I was working behind the counter in my t-shirt and jockstrap with my naked bubble butt totally exposed and hanging out. When patrons would come in, I would always tease and flirt with the big beefy daddies and walk around from behind the counter to make sure that they saw my beautiful naked ass hanging out.

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    Youth and beauty
    Left me like a bitch.

    I guess it’s time
    To make myself rich.

    Pick one: big dicks or hot asses.

    Asked by Anonymous

    What is this, Sophie’s Choice?



    Running down the beach
    Shirt off and dripping wet
    Working hard to keep that shape
    Big balls bouncing and cock flopping
    Inside those baggy shorts
    Side to side and up and down
    To the beat of the sand underfoot.

    Catch my eye! Catch it
    Because I’m looking for yours
    Drop back to a walk
    Or lean onto your knees
    Breathing hard, making a show of it
    Glancing over your shades
    To see if I’m still watching
    And almost smiling because I am.

    Let me see you looking
    So I can lick my lips
    And squirm my hips
    Until you walk over
    To get the vibe right
    And know you can if you want
    Drag me into the bushes
    And unleash your hot beast
    I won’t hesitate to take you.

    Or sit beside me
    Drinking from your water bottle
    And making small talk
    Until I turn the tables
    And give you a peek
    That makes you a beggar
    Waiting for a chance to swallow me
    When the coast is clear.

    I’ll push your head down
    To fill your mouth with my sweat
    And sweet cockiness that you’ll taste
    In the back of your throat
    For the rest of your life.

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