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  • Awesome blog! I love the informative picture posts! Keep it up ;)

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thank you! I appreciate your kind comments!



    Sometimes you can’t get anything done until you bust one out. Your brain and balls simply ache to cum and you feel like you’re going to die if you don’t release a load. It’s not a problem if you’re at home, but if you’ve gone out for the day then you have a choice to make: Do you just stoically endure the unbearable urge to nut, or do you find a way to take matters into your own hands wherever you happen to be and hope you don’t get caught? What risky places have you jerked off?


    He comes to me with no expectation other than to be a source of pleasure—to let my eyes and hands caress him, study him and possess him. He is not shamed by this exposure and does not doubt his allure if I take my time to assess his offering. He knows himself, his place, and controls his urges to move things along faster than I want. He is content to be an object of desire, and then fulfilled to be chosen as the subject of the expression of that desire. He is humble and dedicated in his intent to hold my attention, build my lust and absorb my energy. He gives completely when I offer direction to my pleasure and takes moderately when I offer permission to indulge in his. He is respectfully at my side in public, beautifully underneath me in private, and joined to me by our trust in each other’s perfect powerful purpose.


    I paid my money to the guy behind the counter. He was big, hairy, very sexy. He gave me a locker key. Our fingers touched. Spark.

    I walked over to the lockers and noticed that, despite a partition to one side, he could see them from behind his desk. I stripped, bent right over to slide the key rubber band over my leg, pulled my ass-cheeks aside and gave him a great view of my puckerhole. Flexed it. Looked over my shoulder. He had his cock out behind the desk.

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